Wanco Programmable Solar Light Towers


Wanco’s Programmable Solar Light Towers feature outstanding power efficiency for reliable performance and long runtime.

Ultra-bright LED lights can be individually programmed for automatic operation and desired brightness from 10 to 100 percent. A 7‑inch full-color touchscreen controller enables highly customizable autonomous operation and makes manual operation easy.

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  • Four dimmable LED light fixtures
  • Ten levels of brightness from 10% to 100%
  • Telescoping 24-foot tower
  • Deploys with a single hand-crank winch
  • Unprecedented power efficiency
  • Long runtime
  • Silent operation
  • Automatic and manual operating modes
  • Battery powered
  • Automatic solar charging
  • Smart MPPT solar charge controller
  • Bluetooth app for power management
  • Adjustable-tilt solar array
  • All welded structural steel trailer
  • Folding drawbar for compact storage
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries
  • Heavy-duty secure battery box

Touchscreen Control

  • Exceptional programmability
  • Automatic and manual operating modes
  • Simple on/off controls
  • Full-color 7-inch touchscreen controller
  • Multilevel security


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