Wanco Automated Flagger


The Wanco Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) is a portable flagging station that removes the traditional human flagger from the road while providing motorists with clear guidance through a temporary traffic control (TTC) zone. As a result, the Wanco AFAD not only improves worker safety but also lowers costs by limiting liability and exposure for personnel.

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  • Removes human flagger from the road
  • Wireless or cabled remote control
  • Intuitive easy-to-use controller
  • Battery powered and solar charging
  • Tandem tow or optional nested tow


  • Extremely portable, can be towed by most vehicles
  • Compact trailer is easy to maneuver
  • Tow one trailer or two trailers
  • Rear tandem-tow ball hitch


  • Leveling jacks raise trailer tires off the ground to provide stability
  • Heavy-duty hand-winch allows one person to easily raise and lower the sign and signal lights
  • Single auto-locking device holds the tower in place while operating and during transport
  • Gate arm remains attached during transport and for storage
  • Gate arm extension can be removed and stowed
  • Easy pairing and unpairing with wireless controller
  • Full deployment by one person takes just a few minutes


  • Remote control allows human flagger to remain off the road
  • Wireless controller and cable-connected controller both included
  • Flexible operation for one or two operators and AFADs
  • 12-inch red and yellow LED signal lights are highly visible
  • Operator can enable haul-road crossing mode
  • Intrusion alarm activated from wireless controller

Wireless controller

  • Full-color touchscreen with high-resolution display
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Large AFAD buttons continuously indicate gate position and signal light behavior
  • Prohibited operations are “grayed out” and inactive
  • When two AFADs are controlled by one operator, the main control screen prevents both AFAD gates from opening at the same time
  • Continuous display of wireless signal strength and power indicators
  • Large “All Stop” button closes any open gate
  • Individual vehicle-intrusion alarm buttons for each connected AFAD

Cabled controller

  • Single large button opens and closes gate
  • When cable is connected to control box, prevents wireless control

Power system

  • Battery powered and solar charging
  • Energy-efficient operation results in long run times
  • Solar panel charges batteries automatically without intervention
  • Charging system shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage
  • Power system allows battery charging with solar panel or commercial power
  • Cooling fan protects battery charger from overheating
  • Battery box includes cradle and charger for wireless controller
  • Battery box can be locked to prevent unauthorized access


  • Standard trailer tires
  • Bolt-on fenders can be replaced if damaged
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements


  • Temporary traffic control zones
  • Pavement patching operations
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Roadwork zones
  • Partial road closures
  • Haul road crossings



  • Signals backplate
  • Rear indicator light


  • Diagonal stripes
  • 4″ (11.4cm) arm height
  • Short arm extension
  • Fluorescent orange flag
  • Breakaway arm


  • Choice of battery types and configurations
  • Additional solar
  • 45-amp battery charger
  • High-security battery box


  • Combo-hitch for 2-inch ball and 2 1/2-inch pintle hook
  • Heavy-duty lunette ring for 3-inch pintle hook
  • Rear tandem-tow pintle hook
  • Nested dual-tow

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