SNO-LASER Kit - No Dash Harness, Fisher

SKU: a779-08-132

Dimensions: 13-11-16" W x 7-1/4" H x 6-11/32" D SAE ball-type mounting 7/16" dia. stud
Materials: Satin black baked enamel aluminum die cast housing and aluminum stamped rim, stainless steel pedestal, stainless steel screws, acrylic turn signal / parking light lens
Kit Includes: Kit of Two Lamps (Only)-No Dash Harness, Fisher
Features: The only Snowplow Lamp Kit in the industry that is offered with Aluminum Housings. Distinct modern design, low profile, Hi-output double optic lens, highest quality material, uniques light pipe, "See-thru" configuration allows for best visibility. The 04 and 05 models of the 779 Series come standard with special harness termination.

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