H.D. Classic Road Flare Red LEDs, Orange

SKU: AER-11460

The H.D. Classic Road Flare with Red LEDs is an extremely durable, 18-LED flare that is a safe alternative to incendiary flares.  The flare is made of crushproof polycarbonate plastic with an impact resistant rubber housing that features focused lenses to increase brightness.  Visible light range up to 2 miles.

  • 7 Flash patterns featuring S.O.S Rescue Morse Code
  • Crushproof
  • Waterproof and will float
  • Strong magnet to attach to any magnetic surface
  • Increased visibility, up to 2 miles
  • Includes 2 AA batteries and a hex wrench

Benefits: This LED flare replaces toxic incendiary flares that are banned in many states.  It is a convenient way to signal detours, or road hazards

Uses: Ideal for road safety identification by emergency responders, or personal vehicle operators as an emergency signaling device.  May also be used in construction sites and in marine applications for boater safety.

Made in the USA