Multi-head Remote Strobe System, 4 Head, 90 Watt

SKU: a569-00-012
Strobe tubes are designed to mount in head lights, taillights or marker lights allowing your vehicle to blend in with traffic until you are ready to be noticed. System includes 24 customer selectable flash pastterns, one 90 watt power supply, four strobes with two 15' cables and two 20' cables, and one lighted toggle switch.
Features: Multiple strobe head combinations can be enabled. Customer selectable Day/Night mode. Activates power reduction to operating heads in case of head failure.
Kit Includes: One (1) 90 Watt remote power supply Four (4) clear strobe tube assemblies Two (2) 15' cables with connectors Two (2) 20' cables with connectors One (1) lighted toggle switch Power & Controller leads Installation Instructions 56900012