SNO-LASER Snowplow Lamp Kit - 5-Pin "Truck-Lite Style" Connector

SKU: a779-18-132


No Dash Harness - Aluminum Housing

13-11-16" W x 7-1/4" H x 6-11/32" D
SAE ball-type mounting 7/16" dia. stud

Satin Black Baked Enamel Aluminum die cast housing & Aluminum stamped Rim, Stainless Steel pedestal, Stainless Steel screws, Acrylic turn signal/parking lamp lens

Kit Includes:
Two (2) Black Aluminum Snow Plow Lamps
No Dash Harness
Installation Instructions

The only Snowplow Lamp Kit in the industry that is offered with Aluminum Housings. Distinct modern design, low profile, Hi-output double optic lens, highest quality material, uniques light pipe, "See-thru" configuration allows for best visibility. The 17 and 18 models of the 779 Series come standard with special harness termination.