Wanco Small Truck Message Signs


Truck-Mount Message Signs for small trucks feature a full matrix of LEDs for displaying highly legible messages.

These signs feature high-efficiency LEDs for outstanding performance and legibility. Available in two heights both six feet wide, these signs also include an integral, electrically operated, 90-degree tilt-frame. The enhanced touchscreen controller provides most common functions right on the home screen.

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  • High-efficiency LEDs for outstanding performance
  • Two compact sizes for small trucks: 4×6 and 3×6
  • Touchscreen controller, no laptop required
  • Continuous message preview on controller
  • Preprogrammed extra-bold arrows


  • Sign with integrated tilt-frame installed as a single unit
  • Can be installed in a truck bed or over the cab
  • Wiring harnesses for simple cable connections


  • Full-matrix display shows text, graphics or both
  • Preprogrammed extra-bold arrow patterns
  • Preprogrammed text messages, symbols and graphics
  • Multiple alphanumeric fonts
  • High-efficiency LED characters are bright, clear and legible
  • Optical lenses and sunshades increase visibility and improve performance
  • Energy-efficient operation reduces strain on vehicle batteries
  • Sign and tilt-frame operated from inside vehicle cab
  • Built-in RF immunity ensures reliable performance
  • Full-color touchscreen controller with high-resolution display installed inside cab
  • Continuous message preview on controller main screen
  • Enhanced main screen provides “single click” for many common functions
  • Multi-level password protection restricts access to control software
  • NTCIP compliant


  • Controller provides access to diagnostic information
  • Display cabinet door props open for servicing
  • Individual display modules can be replaced easily
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements


  • Controller pedestal/post mount
  • Tall truck-bed mounting frame
  • Low truck-bed mounting frame

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