STAR Strobe Double Flash W/Dust Cover Amber, 200AD-U-A

$199.98 $88.32
SKU: a548-01-314


  • Star X-Fire technology
  • 12 different selectable flash patterns in either of two phases, plus steady-on
  • S-Link System synchronizing capabilities with other Star LED units, direct wire only
  • Extremely low current draw
  • Durable polycarbonate inner lens and outer dome
  • Heavy-duty spun aluminum base
  • Universal mounting: permanent mount, ¾ pipe mount
  • Smooth outer dome for easy cleaning which also protects the inner Fresnel lens
  • Open bottom base with plastic base insert


  • Voltage: permanent - 9-32V DC
  • Amp Draw: 0.6 amps @ 12V DC 0.3 amps @ 24V DC