Campus Safety RhinoWare Door Barricade


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RhinoWare Door Barricade

RhinoWare™ Door Barricade can be easily engaged in an active shooter lockdown situation, preventing unwanted intrusion and the distress such an event can bring. The devices are low profile/visibility and unobtrusive, but highly effective as a barricade that even a kindergartner, under severe duress, can engage the device in just one second! RhinoWare™ Door Barricade, constructed of powder coated cold rolled American steel, is a substantial, yet simple mechanism which can secure and fortify an entryway door to withstand several tons of direct sustained force. Easily engaged, a classroom can be effectively locked down, even if the door cannot be locked or secured by conventional means. Once installed the device remains securely in place at the bottom of the entry door and on the floor - ready for use at any time. The RhinoWare's intuitive design and ease of use afford the ability to operate the unit with no training required. Simply lift the locking mechanism up from the tab and let go and it is automatically guided down into the floor plate slot. To disengage, simply lift the locking mechanism up from the tab and rotate into its' seated position. Simple yet extremely effective! RhinoWare™ is designed and constructed to provide superior protection for many years. Fire and Life Safety Code compliance is oftentimes a local issue. We are happy to announce that RhinoWare™ Door Barricade has received Fire Marshal approval in many states across the country! Contact us and we will provide the support and information necessary to achieve Fire Marshal approval in your area.

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