POWERFLARE Disaster Response Kit


The Kit includes 24 PowerFlare lights:

  • One Triage Marker Light Kit including four magnetic lights (for easy mounting on raised metallic surfaces), with the following LED/Shell Colors: Red/Orange, Amber/Yellow, Green/Olive Drab, Blue/Black
  • One temporary LZ Marking Light Kit, enough to quickly create many of the most common landing zone configurations. This kit includes: Five red LED lights in an orange shell and one white LED in a tan shell.
  • Two white LED lights in black magnetic shell
  • Two green LED lights in OD green magnetic shell for marking command posts/vehicles
  • Five red LED lights in orange shell to mark closed roads/areas or traffic control
  • Five amber LED lights in yellow shell to mark paths or for traffic control
  • 24 spare CR123A batteries
  • A BAG4 for Triage Kit storage
  • A BAG8 for LZ Kit storage