POWERFLARE Cone Kit with MultiPack 24

Cone Kit with MultiPack 24, contains a 24-pack hard case, 4 PF210-I-OD (PowerFlare, Infrared LEDs, Olive Drab Shell), 4 PowerFlare, 4 PF210-B-BL (PowerFlare, Blue LEDs, Blue Shell), 4 PF210-G-T (PowerFlare, Green LEDs, Tan Shell), 4 PF210-W-BK (PowerFlare, White LEDs, Black Shell), 4 PF210-A-O (PowerFlare, Amber LEDs, Orange Shell), 24 ea. spare CR123A batteries, 24 Cone Top Adapters (CTA-001), 1 Soft Bag for CTAs (holds up to 36), 48 elastic cords for optional use with the CTA-001. Note:  Contains four infrared units--these require night vision optics.