Paulson DK6-X.250AF Anti-Fog Universal Face Shield System (.250" thick)


DK6-X.250AF Anti-Fog Universal Face Shield System (.250" thick)

When facing hostile crowds, clear vision and face protection are absolutely essential to mission success. The Anti-Fog Universal Face Shield System from Paulson provides full-face protection needed to handle aggressive masses. Designed as an upgrade to MICH and PASGT and Advanced Combat Helmets (ACH), the shield system features an eight-inch shield for full facial and throat coverage. An anti-fog coating has been applied to prevent fogging, ensuring a full field of vision regardless of environmental circumstances. Built for rapid deployment, an ambidextrous pivot and lock assembly allows for single-handed operation. Rubber seals along the top of the visor act as barrier to block potentially damaging liquid and chemical splashes.

Paulson DK6-X.250AF Specs

Fits: Advanced Combat Helmets (ACH), MICH and PASGT helmets
Material: Polycarbonate, .25-inch thick gauge
Anti-fog coating ensures full visibility
Transferable pivot lock mechanism offers ambidextrous use
Locks into open and closed positions
Rubber seal prevents liquid breaches
Meets NIJ 0104.02, and MIL-V-43511C standards
Length: 8-inches