HARDWIRE NIJ Level 3A Ballistic Protection Bulletproof Backpack Insert

$119.00 $110.00


  • Heat and Water Resistant material
  • NIJ Level 3A Ballistic Protection
  • Lightweight, Portable, Multi-Use
  • 10" x 13"     Less than 1 lb total weight!
  • Inserts into almost ANY backpack, briefcase or handbags.
  • Absorbs multiple magazines of ammunition from most handguns or shotguns without ricochet or injury.

Protect your children, family or yourself from shootings in schools, malls or the work place.

Custom graphics and logos available. Minimum purchase required. Call 800.327.2514 for more information

HARDWIRE Bulletproof Backpack Insert Arrow Safety Device is a stocking distributor of HARDWIRE bulletproof tactical products.