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HARDWIRE Bulletproof NIJ Level 3 Ballistic Police Tactical Shield



Unlike many other shields, our materials do not degrade over time. Unless damaged in the line of fire, there is no need for yearly re-ordering requirements!

  • Heat and Water resistant material
  • NIJ Level 3 Ballistic Protection
  • Lightweight Versus other Level III Protection
  • Comfortable Strap, Handle & Arm Pad
  • 20" x 30"
  • Carbon Fiber or Camouflage finish
  • Absorbs multiple magazines of ammunition from most handguns, shotguns and rifles including metal jacketed rounds.

Custom Colors Available. Want to add your own logo? Call 800.327.2514 for more information.

You must be authorized by appropriate authorities to purchase this product. Documentation will be required by Arrow Safety Device Company prior to sale!