CrashGard® Sand Barrel

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CrashGard® Sand Barrel System is a non-redirective, gating sand barrel, or crash cushion. The system is comprised of 3 components:  barrel, lid and insert.  The one, universal barrel accommodates all weight requirements.

  •  Blow-molded from high molecular, high density polyethylene plastic (HLMI/HDPE) that produces a stronger sand barrel
  • UV stabilizers maximize product life. Color-stable pigments resist fading
  • CrashGard withstands minor impacts during routine handling
  • Squared bottom half accepts forklifts
  • Tiered upper half accepts CrashGard Hoist (sold separately) 
  • Barrels nest easily for convenient storage


Color: Safety Yellow
Diameter: 36”
Height: 48”
Maximum Ballast: 2,100 lbs

CrashGard Barrel can easily nest when empty of contents and with insert and lid removed.

The lower portion is configured in a square profile, which creates lifting shelves at the intermediate section of the barrel.  The lifting shelves themselves provide support for transport with a forklift.

The upper portion is configured in a straight wall. The groove in the top of barrel is to hold the snap-on lid. 

The straight wall itself allows for easy application of retro-reflective sheeting

Item Number             Description

PSS-CC-48               CrashGard Barrel (40lbs)

PSS-CC-I28              CrashGard Insert (7lbs)

PSS-CC-L36             CrashGard Lid (7lbs)