ASP Textured Black Baton Leverage Cap

SKU: ASP-52921

Textured Black Baton Leverage Cap


The leverage cap increases the reach of the ASP Baton while improving control. The reduced grip diameter of the Leverage Cap by ASP replaces the standard cap of all ASP Expandable Batons. The Leverage Cap extends the reach, increases the retention, improves the control and increases the striking power of an ASP tactical baton a full factor. The little finger fulcrum principle of the Oriental sword allows an ASP F16 Baton to strike like an ASP F21 Baton or an F21 Baton to strike like an F26 Baton . Complete your tactical gear with Tactical BeltsTactical Vests, and LE accessories for Law Enforcement.


Material:     6061 T6 aluminum
Coating:     Black powder paint coated
Color:     Black industrial anodized


  • O-ring retention groove
  • Fits all ASP Tactical Batons
  • Reduced diameter finger grip
  • Flared retention head