PC-rated Thinline Sealed Marker Light w/ Pigtail - Amber or Red

SKU: a052-00-712

Features: This sealed marker / clearance light is a staple in the Arrow Safety Device product line. For years it was known as the "B52" lamp, this 052 is known for it's quality and years of service. The lens is sonically welded to the base to provide a guaranteed water-tight seal. Each unit comes with pigtail that has a built-in grommet. Light is PC Rated. The 052 is widely used through out the body builder industry.

Dimensions: 11/16" W. x 4-1/2" L. x 1-1/16" H.

Mounting: Two 1/4" diameter mtg. hole on 4" centers.

Materials: Polycarbonate base, polycarbonate lens, brass contacts.

Electrical: Voltage: 12V Bulb: 193 (Non-replaceable) Candela: 2 Amp: .33 Wiring: Single Wire-Hot

Meets FMVSS 108 Available in LED as 075 series

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