PEERLESS HANDCUFF COMPANY Oversize Ring Style Handcuff Key


This Oversize Handcuff Key from Peerless is designed to make handcuff operation a snap, and is compatible with all standard handcuff mechanisms. The extended 4.5 inch barrel length, increased width and textured knurling make it easy to grip and turn even with gloved or wet hands, allowing you to quickly double-lock your handcuffs to immediately restrain a prisoner. The barrel is made from aluminum to minimize weight, while the tip and double lock pin are alloy steel for maximum strength and durability. The key comes with a built-in swivel ring that makes it convenient to carry and allows it to turn while attached to the keyring.

Item Specs

Compatible with standard handcuff mechanisms
Durable aluminum and steel construction
Oversized barrel and knurled texture provide secure grip
Swivel key ring for portability
Length: 4.5 inches
Weight: 7 oz