Scout JBK White & Red LED Clip Light

SKU: 301-004

Scout JBK White & Red LED Clip Light

The FoxFury Scout Clip Light in Black with White and Red LEDs is a versatile clip light that serves as a utility light, task light, search light, safety beacon, and more. It’s rugged, works in all weather, and is fully submersible. Scout models have a secure J-Clip that enables multi-wear use options. The light runs on 3 AA batteries and provides 49 lumens for up to 50 hours.

Features and Benefits Length Width Height Weight (with battery) Modes Lumens Battery Life Batteries Material Certifications Included Items
J-Clip enables multi-wear options
Red light for night vision adaptation
Alternating red and white LEDs for safety
3.9 in
(99 mm)
2.1 in
(53 mm)
1.6 in
(41 mm)
5.4 oz
(153 g)
Red LEDs only
White LEDs only
All LEDs
Red LEDs only: 10
White LEDs only: 39
Flashing: NA
All LEDs: 49
Red LEDs only: 50 hours
White LEDs only: 20 hours
Flashing: 60 hours
All LEDs: 12 hours
(3) AA batteries Polycarbonate
Nylon clip
IPX7 (3) AA batteries

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