Breakthrough® BT2+ Black Hybrid Right Angle Light

SKU: 380-BT2P-BL

Breakthrough® BT2+ Black Hybrid Right Angle Light

The versatile FoxFury Breakthrough® BT2+ Hybrid Light is a professional, long distance search tool - See up to a mile away. From illuminating street addresses to long range inspections, to locating persons or property, the BT’s focused, 700 lumen light beam helps the user see better and respond faster. This compact and versatile lighting tool is powered by (4) AA batteries and can fasten to gear via the Stainless-Steel Clip or carabiner (included) for hands-free use. The rugged BT2+ is submersible, fire-resistant and weighs 1.4 lbs (635 g). It is available in Black or Orange options. A rechargeable system is also available.

Features and Benefits Length Width Height Weight (with battery) Modes Lumens Battery Life Batteries Material Certifications
UltraReach Beam
Multi-Wear options
Waterproof, fire resistant, impact resistant
2.8 in
71 mm
3.8 in
97 mm
7.5 in
190 mm
1.4 lbs
(635 g)
High: 700
Low: 100
Flashing: 700
High: 2 hours
Low: 5 hours
Flashing: 8 hours
(4) AA batteries Nylon 66 housing with Polycarbonate lens IPX7

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