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ASP 21" SideBreak Scabbard



21" SideBreak Scabbard

In the expanded position you can "break" it out the side of the scabbard for quick presentation. The Scabbard swivels to 12 different positions and will stay secure during dynamic confrontations. Belt tension adjustment.

Traditional cases are little more than pouches for holding an expandable baton. Fashioned from leather, they are subject to scarring and wear with daily use. When a hole is placed in the bottom of the case, the baton will shake open as an officer runs or jumps over a fence. An expanded baton placed through the hole must be drawn like a sword and is difficult to get out. Retaining loops on these cases are often permanently attached. They require that the belt be totally dismantled before the case can be put in place. Other carriers incorporate snaps and rivets which are prone to breakage. Leather cases loosen with age, and batons easily fall out. The only provision for locking expandables in these cases is a flap.

The ASP SideBreak case overcomes the difficulties associated with traditional baton carriers. It is fashioned with the polymer technology of the finest firearms. The scabbard will not easily mar or show wear.
  • Polymer technology
  • Wear resistant
  • Molded-in design patterns
  • Retracted batons will not shake open
  • Retains an expanded baton
  • Side break presentation
  • Steel retention bar
  • 12 position rotation
  • Hex Key holder
  • Unitized belt clip
  • Permanent attachment to the belt
  • Sliding belt lock
  • Patent 5,449,104
  • Patent 5,617,980
  • Patent Pending
Scabbard Finish:
  • Snap-Loc Belt Loop 
Scabbard Finish:
  • Black
  • Basketweave
  • Ballistic